oh my god this blog is perfect! OwO


((Thank you friend! c: (I’ll get back to posting as soon as possible, technical difficulties and the sort)))

((So yeah, with that getting paint tool SAI I will try to update as regularly as possible from this point on.

Also with Homestuck on hiatus I will make an effort to fill some of the void you have found yourselves in.

Yeah I know that pretty insufficient. I’m gomen.

I’ll do my best to entertain you all!


Your name is DEAN WINCHESTER. You are Sam’s older brother. Much like your brother you are not in your room making it impossible for me to provide exposition on your various interests.
It must run in the family.

All I can say is that you enjoy BREAKING INTO YOUR BROTHERS APARTMENT in order to drink the booze in his fridge.



Well now that that’s out of the way…



He sweats a lot and I’m like a mother worried he’ll get sick so I wipe his sweat with a towel I carry around on set.



In the meantime I’m pretty sure this applies to you guys’ interests.

((Sorry for not updating a while, my photoshop is currently not cooperating. I’ll update once I get it fixed. I don’t think this’ll be breaking any hearts necessarily, as this is just some bored kid putting Supernatural into Homestuck form, however, I felt need to tell the readers that. Just bear with me loves.

To the 5 of you which this concerns, anyway.

Just thought I’d tell you all that, which most of you possibly knew from my main blog? I don’t know.

Stay safe everyone, and happy HanuKwansmas!~


Ahhh I just found this and I am already in love. <33 I know this is random and rather pretentious of me, but if you'd ever like some help or random fanart, just give me the word. <3


((Oh my gosh, thank you so much! <3 I’ll be sure to do that should the need ever arise! c: ))